Wedding at Astrodome, Parma, OH- Brianna & Anthony

There are many challenges that you encounter as a wedding photographer. One of the biggest challenges is adapting to different lighting scenarios that come your way. For Brianna & Anthony’s wedding reception at the Astrodome in Parma I knew I had to plan ahead and come up with a solution. When you find yourself in an enormous dome the chances of bouncing your on camera strobe on the ceilings are next to impossible. Just pointing your flash forward results in a very flat unflattering image. Sure you can use a bounce card or some sort of diffuser to make the light softer, but the result is just not as great as bouncing your light on ceilings. This makes the Astrodome in Parma a very hard place to shoot at. However, have no fear, off camera lighting is here! The dome has a balcony that surrounds the entire place. So I set four strobes spaced evenly going all around on the balcony pointing to the dance floor. To trigger the flashes I used Pocket Wizards Plus IIIs. The great thing about this radio trigger system is that I can set each flash to be in a different group, giving me the ability to to turn on or off each flash if needed. Boom! Now I’m lighting the entire place! Suddenly, the Astrodome went from a lighting nightmare to a wonderful photo geek dream. I hardly needed my on camera flash, it was mostly there for the focus assist.

It was a great time spending the day capturing Brianna & Anthony’s wedding. The ceremony was very close to the reception. The coolest limo driver ever gave me the option of dropping off my car at reception and riding with the gang. I jumped right on that opportunity. I captured some great moments in the limo bus on the way there, and zero worries about downtown Saturday traffic where given. Super win!

Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-1 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-2 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-3 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-4 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-5 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-6 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-7 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-8 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-9 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-10 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-11 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-12 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-13 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-14 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-15 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-16 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-17 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-18 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-19 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-20 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-21 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-22 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-24 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-25 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-26 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-27 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-28 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-29 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-30 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-31 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-32 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-33 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-34 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-35 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-36 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-37 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-38 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-39 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-40 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-41 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-42 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-43 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-44 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding-45

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