Wedding at 100th Bomb Group- Erin & Frank

It’s a very rare occasion for children to witness the day of their parents wedding. When it does, it’s truly magical? For most weddings I capture the story of a couple who is ready to embark in a new journey. For Erin & Frank, they have already taken that journey, they have a beautiful family, and home with history. It was a story not just about the bride and groom, it was about the family. I had the pleasure of capturing some of the most beautiful moments I’ve witness at weddings. My heart was filled with joy the entire day, I truly felt like part of the family. Although it did rain for most of the morning the skies opened up just in time for portraits at Olmsted Falls area. The reception took place at the very awesome 100th Bomb Group Restaurant by the Cleveland Airport.


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  • June 9, 2014 - 1:22 pm


    I just found you all through fearless photographers so I thought I’d swing by and take a look at your work. Your photos are GORGEOUS! I love your editorial style and the perfection in your lighting! I’m a wedding photographer as well (My company is called Mykkah Photography around Washington D.C. / central Virginia at the moment) and I can totally appreciate all the efforts behind your photos. I’m about to move back to Dayton Ohio to relocate my business back to my hometown so I thought I’d look around at some of the Ohio’s best! Just wanted to stop by and say keep up the great work!

    Kindest regards,


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