St. Maron Church Wedding, Cleveland, OH- Kristen & Anthony

So far this year I’ve been lucky enough to have the best couples. The ones that remain stress free during a wedding day and their their personalities shine thru every moment captured. Kristen and Anthony are two beautiful individuals who are truly meant for each other. It’s such an honor to witness such a joyful day unfold in front of your lens, I felt happier with every click of the shutter. Their friends are family showed nothing but love the entire day and that was one heck of a party. You know the party is live when the dance floor feels like it’s going to collapse at any given moment. Perfect couple, perfect weather, awesome locations. Who can ask for anything more. That’s every wedding photographer’s dream.

The ceremony took place at St. Maron Church in downtown Cleveland. For portraits we opted for Rocky River reservation, had a blast working with the gang there. They even took time to play a game of cards in the middle of the woods. The reception took place at Vermillion on the Lake Clubhouse.
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