Wedding at Crowne Plaza, Independence, OH- Stefanie & Brian

You will probably find the word epic often in my blog, but seriously, this wedding was the king of EPIC. The day was perfect! All the details where absolutely gorgeous, it included things like ring bearers dressed in Agents of Shield outfits(shades, briefcase with Shield logo, and agent badges…yes!), amazing flower arrangements, breathtaking cake, doughnut tower, ice cream stand, and an adorable couple. Oh wait, almost forgot, there was also very hardcore weaponry involved in our portraits. That’s what happens when your groom and his groomsmen are Police SWAT team. Oh yeah, I had the change to take some badass bridal party photos. This was a rare opportunity for me, probably will not come across something this epic again during a wedding, maybe. We took photos around Olmsted Falls, Strongsville town square, and made a quick stop to visit their very cute dogs at the dog sitter. Which by the way, I never knew there was such a thing as a vacation style dog sitter facility. That was super cool. The reception took place at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Independence on Rockside road. They do a fantastic job there, and the room just looked so amazing. I am very excited to share some of the images from Stefanie and Brian’s epic wedding day. This wedding was Legen… wait for it… dary!

Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-1 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-2 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-3 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-4 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-5 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-6 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-7 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-8 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-9 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-10 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-11 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-12 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-13 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-14 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-15 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-16 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-17 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-18 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-19 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-20 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-21 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-22 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-23 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-24 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-25 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-26 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-27 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-28 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-29 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-30 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-31 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-32 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-33 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-34 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-35 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-36 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-37 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-38 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-39 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-40 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-41 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-42 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-43 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-44 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-45 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-46 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-47 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-48 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-49 Crowne_Plaza_Independence_Wedding-50

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