Hinckley Reservation Engagement- Megan & Torrie

It seems like rainy engagement sessions are my thing this year. Man am I glad for weather sealed cameras! I met Megan and Torrie at Hinckley Reservation for part 1 of our shoot, it was a beautiful location to start our adventure. Big open fields with wild flowers surrounded by trees and nature. Everything was going perfect, then the huge dark cloud rolled in, it worked for some very dramatic images. We ventured into the wood and to the Hinckley ledges, I can’t believe I have never visited the ledges! So awesome! We are deep in the woods, and then the rain just pours, we are soaked from head to toe. We laughed and embraced the moment capturing some very romantic under the rain shots. But had to quickly call it quits, it was very dark and two of my strobes just completely gave out. The rain defeated me. So we arranged for part 2 of our session and met at Whiskey Island, Cleveland to take advantage of the skyline background and the beautiful golden sunrise. Then we went back to Hinckley ledges, there was much for me to still explore and if I didn’t go back I would have spent countless nights tossing and turning. It was too awesome to pass up and I am so glad we went back. Megan and Torrie will tie the knot next weekend and I am stoked to capture their beach ceremony followed by an awesome backyard reception. Congrats Megan and Torrie, see you soon. Lets all cross our fingers for great weather. 🙂
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