Pier W Cleveland Wedding- Beth and Ethan

This wedding was so unique in so many ways. It was a very small intimate wedding and everything took place from early morning to the afternoon. After the getting ready part, we did a first look then ventured outside for some portraits around the downtown Cleveland area. The morning light was perfect for photos! It’s not often I am blessed with this kind of light during a wedding, most of the time the portraits take place when that harsh sunlight is right above. So I just went ham taking photos of Beth and Ethan. The ceremony took place in Lakewood, for the first time I got the chance of photographing both the bride and groom walking together down the isle. I thought that was just so unique and special, it’s like taking a walk together towards a new chapter. It wasn’t just about the bride, it was about both of them. I really liked that. The reception took place at Pier W, this little gem hidden on Lake Ave in Lakewood. The atmosphere and food was amazing, I highly recommend this place if you have a small wedding and want to do something similar. There was no dancing, just socializing and celebrating. It was so odd to be done with a wedding by 4pm, even more weird that my commute back home was just five minutes. When I arrived home, it felt like the day just started.

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