Astrodome in Parma Wedding- Nichole & Joe

Did I ever mentioned how much I love shooting receptions at the Astrodome of Parma? Yes, I believe I have. It just that, well, I just love the challenge of lighting such a big place! It has a balcony that surrounds the entire reception room, I set four strobes spaced out evenly and a strobe on my camera for a total of five strobes. I was lighting the entire place! Ok, geek moment over…

Spending the day with Nicole & Joe, family and friends was an absolute blast. The couple had a first look so we did all family formals before the ceremony. After the ceremony we visited different locations in the University Circle area to rock out some portraits.
Astrodome_Parma_Wedding001 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding002 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding003 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding004 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding005 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding006 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding007 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding008 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding009 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding011 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding012 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding013 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding014 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding015 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding016 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding017 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding018 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding019 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding020 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding021 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding022 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding023 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding024 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding025 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding026 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding027 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding028 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding029 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding030 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding031 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding032 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding033 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding035 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding036 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding037 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding038 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding039 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding040 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding041 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding042 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding043 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding044 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding045 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding046 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding047 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding048 Astrodome_Parma_Wedding049

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