Scouting Locations: Whiskey Island, Cleveland

So recently on Facebook in my business page I threw out there the idea of doing something special for valentines day. Based on the number of likes I decided to have a valentines couple portrait day. More details to come about that, the only thing I have planed so far is the date(February 12th) and the plan is to have 14 minute sessions for $14.

But where will I have it? The idea is to do the sessions outside, hoping that the weather loves love and we have a great awesome day like today! I decided to scout some locations and came across Whiskey Island by downtown Cleveland. The location is kinda buried, if you’ve been to Edgewater, you go right instead of left at the entrance and keep on driving till the end of the road. Speaking of road… It was a disaster!! I lost count at the number of potholes. I was thinking to do the sessions at this location prior to visiting, first time here. It is a cool location, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not going to work for the valentines couple portraits. However, I will definitely come back for some Engagement Sessions in the future. But to hang out all day waiting for 20something couples? Nah.. So I’m gearing more towards a location that is more familiar and easier to get for everyone. I will be posting later about details.

Here are some the views from Whiskey Island.

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