Motherly Instinct

My mother-in-law took a special trip yesterday from Tennessee to help Mindy while she recovers after birth. Along she brought along her female dog Sadie. Sadie was pregnant with puppies and was due at anytime. This morning around 4:30 in the AM Mindy and I hear a knock on our bedroom door. Mindy yells ” come in!!”, no response, a second knock, again Mindy yells, “come in!!”. My mother in law responds “you come out!!”. Mindy opens the door and I hear her mother yelling ” Look out! She has a puppy hanging from her!!”. I see Sadie running in the bedroom and jumps up to our bed right next to me. It was very shocking to discover that Sadie really did have a puppy that was attached by an umbilical cord. Oh my!! Sadie was in labor. We took her to the kitchen and made her a comfortable spot for her to welcome her children. That’s when I witnessed how beautiful animal instinct can be. She new exactly what to do. I wasn’t fortunate enough to witness Sadie giving birth to all six of her puppies but I was able to capture some images during the event and after I came home from work. The images are not very good quality because I was inside my home and I didn’t want to use the flash and disturb the puppies. So I grabbed my fastest lens, my 55mm f1.4, set the ISO to 800 and shot at 1/60th of a second and the aperture set to 1.4. ¬†Little noise on the images but not too bad.Here some of the photographs. Sadie-100 Sadie-101 Sadie-102 Sadie-103 Sadie-104

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