Grand Barn Wedding Celebration- Amanda & Don

After driving almost two hours from Cleveland the gps finally tells me I’m almost there. Then the signal was lost, and I was driving on a dirt road for a good 20 minutes, the enormous cloud of dirts impaired to put me a really bit more freaked out. Then I saw it, the rustic signs to my wedding adventure lead me to the Grand Barn. This place is one of those things that you have to see it to believe it, the internet does not do it justice. If in your younger days you played in a tree house and loved every memory from it then this place is for you. Surrounding the main Cabin, deep into the woods are these out of this world grown up tree houses. This was in the summer and I’m still in shock that I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding in this location. It was crazy awesome.

To make things even better, I had the coolest bride and groom ever. The day was incredible from start to finish. The bride, Amanda, is the funniest bride I had this year. And Don always says this little comments that you can’t help but laugh. The two are seriously perfect for each other.

We also did post wedding shoot in an abandoned warehouse, those shots are also freaking awesome. We’ll show those off in a different post. In the meantime, enjoy looking thru my epic wedding adventure at the Grand Barn.

Grand_Barn_Wedding001 Grand_Barn_Wedding002 Grand_Barn_Wedding003 Grand_Barn_Wedding004 Grand_Barn_Wedding005 Grand_Barn_Wedding006 Grand_Barn_Wedding007 Grand_Barn_Wedding008 Grand_Barn_Wedding009 Grand_Barn_Wedding010 Grand_Barn_Wedding011 Grand_Barn_Wedding012 Grand_Barn_Wedding013 Grand_Barn_Wedding014 Grand_Barn_Wedding015 Grand_Barn_Wedding016 Grand_Barn_Wedding017 Grand_Barn_Wedding018 Grand_Barn_Wedding019 Grand_Barn_Wedding020 Grand_Barn_Wedding021 Grand_Barn_Wedding022 Grand_Barn_Wedding023 Grand_Barn_Wedding024 Grand_Barn_Wedding025 Grand_Barn_Wedding026 Grand_Barn_Wedding027 Grand_Barn_Wedding028 Grand_Barn_Wedding029 Grand_Barn_Wedding030 Grand_Barn_Wedding031 Grand_Barn_Wedding032 Grand_Barn_Wedding033 Grand_Barn_Wedding034 Grand_Barn_Wedding035 Grand_Barn_Wedding036 Grand_Barn_Wedding037 Grand_Barn_Wedding038 Grand_Barn_Wedding039 Grand_Barn_Wedding040 Grand_Barn_Wedding041 Grand_Barn_Wedding042 Grand_Barn_Wedding043 Grand_Barn_Wedding044 Grand_Barn_Wedding045 Grand_Barn_Wedding046 Grand_Barn_Wedding047 Grand_Barn_Wedding048 Grand_Barn_Wedding049 Grand_Barn_Wedding050 Grand_Barn_Wedding051 Grand_Barn_Wedding052 Grand_Barn_Wedding053 Grand_Barn_Wedding054 Grand_Barn_Wedding055 Grand_Barn_Wedding056 Grand_Barn_Wedding057 Grand_Barn_Wedding058 Grand_Barn_Wedding059

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