From her Eyes: Engagement Session

This was written by Elizabeth Reeves. The soon to be Bride with a heart of a super hero. It’s so interesting to read about the day thru their eyes. The images just make that much more sense. Here’s what she wrote:

“Cleveland, Ohio. Frigid, gusty winds; the meteorologist threatening snow. In the middle of April. Typical. Still, there was excitement dancing among the lamp posts and leaves. Our hero and his trusty sidekicks, Nikon and Holga, were on a mission: to capture the love between one Elizabeth Reeves and Christopher Kaboth. Mere clouds could not stop them.

Most girls dream of meeting their Prince Charming; I’ve always said I’d settle for no less than a superhero. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and mine was stolen by the most notorious of villains. Chris and I fell in love while swapping graphic novels, watching comic book movies, and sorting through our action figure collections. Like any normal couple, we have our disagreements. I’m a diehard DC girl, while he prefers MARVEL. He spends hours on XBox Live, whereas Mario’s my homeboy. Our friends call us the match made in dorkdom, and certainly neither of us thought our nerdiness would actually help in the quest for love. I definitely didn’t expect it to lead to the perfect wedding photographer.

I was already captivated by Edric’s work at my friend  April’s wedding. His excitement when he discovered that Chris and I attend comic conventions dressed as The Joker and Wonder Woman was second only to mine after accepting Chris’ proposal. We knew Edric was “The One” when he enthusiastically suggested that we do part of the engagement session in costume. Every couple wants their engagement photos to reflect their personalities; Edric wanted to shoot our true identities!

Hip yet historic, Ohio City was the perfect location for our more traditional photos. Beautiful Painted Ladies stand beside cozy bungalows. Artwork adorns planters that house trees which create a canopy across the cobbled streets. As the three of us wandered throughout the neighborhood, we stumbled onto W. 25th St, where the Cleveland Film Society resides. Little did Edric know, I was an intern there during my sophomore year of college! Showing Chris such a fun part of my past made our shoot even more intimate. Children played tag in the courtyard, joyfully shouting while my fiance and I laughed, kissed, and reflected.

If our session had ended here, it would have been a wonderful, albeit chilly, day. What we had planned next was (as the current linguistic meme goes) EPIC. With the help of the marvelous make-up artist  Jason Kelly, Chris and I transformed into our favorite comic book characters. Edric eagerly explained the story he’d conjured in his mind-madly in love with Wonder Woman, The Joker destroys Gotham to get her attention. The energy in the room rivaled Christmas and Halloween combined; everyone was freaking and geeking out as we drove to Cleveland’s more industrial landscapes.

Edric’s vision came to life right before our eyes. Each location looked like it came from those glossy pages that we love so much! The skeleton of the warehouse smelled like campfire and iron. Chris’ laugh bounced around the hollow structure. Getting into character was easy. Edric continued to narrate his story and give us great direction. When we moved down the road, passersby began to take notice of our unusual attire. You know your engagement shoot is unique when onlookers stop to snap a few pictures of their own!

Chris and I may not always be able to dress the part, but like The Joker and Wonder Woman, these images are timeless. We will show these to our children and grandchildren and they’ll understand not only our whimsy, but how two people can absolutely belong together. I’m thrilled Edric will also be part of our wedding. He’s become a good friend and Chris and I look forward to him documenting our future. ”

Here’s a Slideshow of the day, please click on the HQ button to view in Hi-Res.

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