Brennan’s Cleveland Wedding- Jennifer & Antonio

There is just sometimes as a photographer that you have to tap yourself in the back after a job well done. I’m truly proud of the way I lit the ceremony in such a way that you can’t tell even how dark it was at the church. And I did it in such a way that if I didn’t tell you I used strobes you would never now. Don’t mean to brag, but yeah, I killed it!

It’s not often I post group shots taken in the church, it’s not something you often see in wedding photography blogs. It is a part of the wedding day that most photographers are not particularly fond of, but it’s a part that I truly enjoy doing. Hey, I could take tons of creative portraits of the bride and groom, but it’s the family shots that will end up on mom’s wall. That’s important!

It was a very fun day spent with Jennifer and Antonio, truly loving couple that you just want to be around with. Both ceremony and reception took place in the Cleveland area with portraits taking place at the Cultural gardens in University Circle. It was a race against mother nature like it is more than often in Cleveland weddings, we made it happen.

The reception took place at Brennan’s and you are probably wondering why the groom was wearing a ski mask during the entrance. Well the bride is a cop and came in shortly after and put him in handcuffs while ” bad boys ” was playing for the entrance song. Super fun reception!

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