Last summer was filled with amazing moments that just looking back at the images gets me excited to go in full swing with this years wedding season. This day was epic from beginning to end! Elizabeth and Steve have the wildest group of friends and it’s not the first wedding that I spent with them, so I knew what I was getting myself into. It was amazing to capture it all from the getting ready moments all the way to the end of reception at La Malfa. And yes, I was there till the lights came back on. At one point during the night the girls got on top of the table to dance, that’s the kind of party it was. Simply off the hook. Big shout out to Marcus Smith of Innovative Blends Entertainment, this guy is an amazing DJ and entertainer. You know how you get to the end off the party and you and your friends yell ” one more song! “. Well he played that one more song, and it was awesome. La_Malfa_Wedding001 La_Malfa_Wedding002 La_Malfa_Wedding003 La_Malfa_Wedding004 La_Malfa_Wedding005 La_Malfa_Wedding006 La_Malfa_Wedding007 La_Malfa_Wedding008 La_Malfa_Wedding009 La_Malfa_Wedding010 La_Malfa_Wedding011 La_Malfa_Wedding012 La_Malfa_Wedding013 La_Malfa_Wedding014 La_Malfa_Wedding015 La_Malfa_Wedding016 La_Malfa_Wedding017 La_Malfa_Wedding018 La_Malfa_Wedding019 La_Malfa_Wedding020 La_Malfa_Wedding021 La_Malfa_Wedding022 La_Malfa_Wedding023 La_Malfa_Wedding024 La_Malfa_Wedding025 La_Malfa_Wedding026 La_Malfa_Wedding027 La_Malfa_Wedding028 La_Malfa_Wedding029 La_Malfa_Wedding030 La_Malfa_Wedding031 La_Malfa_Wedding032 La_Malfa_Wedding033 La_Malfa_Wedding034 La_Malfa_Wedding035 La_Malfa_Wedding036 La_Malfa_Wedding037 La_Malfa_Wedding039

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  • March 27, 2015 - 10:41 am

    Lori Shaw Lewanski - These are Absolutely Amazing pictures!!! Beautiful and Priceless!!! <3ReplyCancel

From the moment we had our Skype meeting I just knew I had to book this New York city couple. Charlie and Grazia had their wedding take place mainly at the very beautiful estate that is owned by Charlie’s parents back in Ohio. They both got ready there and did a first look outdoors on the beautiful grounds. We did most of the portraits before the ceremony took place, Mill Creek Park is such a cool location, perfect for wedding photos. The ceremony took place at St. Dominic’s Church in Youngstown. The indoor of the church is incredible, lots of windows and the longest isle I’ve seen. It took her like four minutes to walk down the isle, haha, just kidding. It was a very beautiful ceremony filled with joy and love.
Wedding coordinator Patricia Butto and her team from The Party People put together the most amazing reception back at the estate. Always nice to have a coordinator during the wedding, Pat worked very close with us during the day and I am so thankful to her. The schedule, details, the food, the ambiance, simply amazing.The reception even had a live band! Just love weddings that have live bands, even if you don’t get up and dance you can just enjoy the show.

Marcus Bierbaum was my second shooter for the day, both the people there and I really enjoyed his company. His photos are incredible, many thanks to him.

Enjoy some images from Grazia and Charlie’s wedding day!

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This past summer I had the pleasure of capturing Alexandra and Ryan’s vintage style wedding. These two are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I could have seriously photographed them all weekend. Just take a look at them! Damn!

Alexandra is a successful New York city model and Ryan was a teacher from New Mexico. Somehow faith brought them together when they met at an airport while waiting for their flights. It wasn’t long before Ryan packed up his things and headed to New York. The rest is a beautiful story that eventually led to the their wedding day. Since the bride is from Cleveland, they held their wedding in her hometown with a beautiful vintage theme. Take a look at her super elegant vintage dress! She has a very strong resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, doesn’t she? Such classic elegance.

It was such a chill day even though it was a very hot summer day. The bridal party was super fun and we drove to downtown Cleveland for some portraits. To make things even better, Ryan’s best man was none other than Jeremiah Bitsui who played Victor in Breaking Bad. Way awesome!

The reception took place at Pine Ridge Country club. I really enjoy shooting at this reception, always a pleasure to come back to this great venue.

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