This wedding was so unique in so many ways. It was a very small intimate wedding and everything took place from early morning to the afternoon. After the getting ready part, we did a first look then ventured outside for some portraits around the downtown Cleveland area. The morning light was perfect for photos! It’s not often I am blessed with this kind of light during a wedding, most of the time the portraits take place when that harsh sunlight is right above. So I just went ham taking photos of Beth and Ethan. The ceremony took place in Lakewood, for the first time I got the chance of photographing both the bride and groom walking together down the isle. I thought that was just so unique and special, it’s like taking a walk together towards a new chapter. It wasn’t just about the bride, it was about both of them. I really liked that. The reception took place at Pier W, this little gem hidden on Lake Ave in Lakewood. The atmosphere and food was amazing, I highly recommend this place if you have a small wedding and want to do something similar. There was no dancing, just socializing and celebrating. It was so odd to be done with a wedding by 4pm, even more weird that my commute back home was just five minutes. When I arrived home, it felt like the day just started.

Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer001 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer002 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer003 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer004 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer005 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer006 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer007 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer008 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer009 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer010 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer011 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer012 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer013 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer014 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer015 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer016 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer017 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer018 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer019 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer020 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer021 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer022 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer023 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer024 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer025 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer026 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer027 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer028 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer029 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer030 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer031 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer032 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer033 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer034 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer035 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer036 Best_Cleveland_Wedding_Photographer037

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This wedding was originally scheduled for November of last year, but due to the groom’s Air Force services it was postponed for Spring of this year. Things worked out for all the right reasons, the day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. From the perfect weather, the outdoor and indoor settings at Occasions Party Centre, to the very beautiful DIY arrangement. It blew my mind to find out all the flower decorations were put together by the bride. What an incredible job she did, it looks like something you see in magazines. So happy to have the honor of capturing the wedding of Luke and Kara. Special thanks to Dennis Crider for helping me capture it all, as he would say “we nailed it!”.

Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding001 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding002 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding003 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding004 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding005 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding006 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding007 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding008 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding009 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding010 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding011 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding012 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding013 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding014 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding015 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding016 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding017 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding018 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding019 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding020 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding021 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding022 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding023 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding024 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding025 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding026 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding027 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding028 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding029 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding030 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding031 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding032 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding033 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding034 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding034b Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding035 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding036 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding037 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding038 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding039 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding041 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding042 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding043 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding044 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding045 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding046 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding047 Occasions_Party_Centre_Wedding048

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Last year I had the pleasure of capturing the Jarrett family for the second time. It’s amazing to see how much little ones grow in just a year! It’s such an honor to capture these memories that will become family heirlooms and more priceless as time goes by. I just love doing family sessions now, it’s a part of my business that I have not really concentrated my efforts, that just have to change! And that is for one and only one reason, I’m pretty darn good at it! Haha. Loved when dad at the end of the session said, ” oh you’re gonna witness this little girl grow!” That’s amazing to me.


For this post I decide to post all but one image in black and white. Just love the look of black and white, and it gives that much more of an impact to the last image.


Cleveland_Family_Portraits001 Cleveland_Family_Portraits002 Cleveland_Family_Portraits003 Cleveland_Family_Portraits004 Cleveland_Family_Portraits005 Cleveland_Family_Portraits006 Cleveland_Family_Portraits008

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