Last year I had the pleasure of capturing the Jarrett family for the second time. It’s amazing to see how much little ones grow in just a year! It’s such an honor to capture these memories that will become family heirlooms and more priceless as time goes by. I just love doing family sessions now, it’s a part of my business that I have not really concentrated my efforts, that just have to change! And that is for one and only one reason, I’m pretty darn good at it! Haha. Loved when dad at the end of the session said, ” oh you’re gonna witness this little girl grow!” That’s amazing to me.


For this post I decide to post all but one image in black and white. Just love the look of black and white, and it gives that much more of an impact to the last image.


Cleveland_Family_Portraits001 Cleveland_Family_Portraits002 Cleveland_Family_Portraits003 Cleveland_Family_Portraits004 Cleveland_Family_Portraits005 Cleveland_Family_Portraits006 Cleveland_Family_Portraits008

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Always awesome to take road trips away from Cleveland and embark on adventures. My destination was Marblehead Lighthouse where I was meeting a very fantastic couple that traveled from Michigan to have their session. It was a fantastic time, lots of laughs and conversations. We stayed in the area until sunset, no matter how many times I watch a sunset it always catches me by surprise of just how breathtaking it is to witness it. So poetic in so many ways! I seriously can’t wait to capture Evelyn and Gene’s wedding later this year in Cleveland.

Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement001 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement002 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement003 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement004 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement005 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement006 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement007 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement008 Marblehead_Lighthouse_Engagement010

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  • May 18, 2015 - 7:10 pm

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When Marci and Jon expressed their interest in having their bridal party portraits done at a warehouse I was jumping with excitement, it’s such a contrast from the places I usually take portraits during a wedding day. For the longest time I have wanted to photograph at the former Warner & Swasey warehouse, an abandoned warehouse in Cleveland in the corner of E. 55th and Carnegie. Before the wedding day I went and explored the place and it was surprisingly very easy to access with lots of open space. No surprise this is a spot many photographers and filmmakers have explored, the place is filled with character, one of those cool secrets hidden in Cleveland. We had a great time there and the photos came out phenomenal. The reception took place at La Malfa Centre.

La_Malfa_Wedding001 La_Malfa_Wedding002 La_Malfa_Wedding003 La_Malfa_Wedding004 La_Malfa_Wedding005 La_Malfa_Wedding006 La_Malfa_Wedding007 La_Malfa_Wedding008 La_Malfa_Wedding009 La_Malfa_Wedding010 La_Malfa_Wedding011 La_Malfa_Wedding012 La_Malfa_Wedding013 La_Malfa_Wedding014 La_Malfa_Wedding015 La_Malfa_Wedding016 La_Malfa_Wedding017 La_Malfa_Wedding018 La_Malfa_Wedding019 La_Malfa_Wedding020 La_Malfa_Wedding021 La_Malfa_Wedding022 La_Malfa_Wedding023 La_Malfa_Wedding024 La_Malfa_Wedding025

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